International Shipping to Canada – Trade Shows

Temporary Importing to Canada

Documentation required

Commercial Invoice (Proforma Invoice, or CCI) CCI - Fillable Form

· Description of goods - include Customs Tariff per item

· Value per item

· Quantity (NMB, KGM, LBS) per item

· Country of origin – Original place of MFG per item

· Electronics – Serial Numbers listed in description

· Delivery location – Show Name, booth # with contact phone numbers - When being displayed in more than one location - provide separate list

· Shipping address with contact phone numbers

· Date and time of show

· Number box to Description of goods for possible Customs inspection

NAFTA Certificate if applicable NAFTA - Fillable Form

Temporary Import (E29B)(TIB)

· Goods arriving from outside Canada must have product detail listed in above commercial invoice requirement. Providing the event is a recognized trade show by Canada Customs (CBSA), goods can enter into Canada under an E29B Temporary Bond Entry. This bond is monitored for the length of time the goods entered into Canada and require cancellation upon export. All goods entering into Canada on this form must be exported or a voluntary entry must be made to account for duty and taxes when applicable on goods sold, destroyed or given away.

· If importers have more than one trade show in Canada during the temporary importation, a listing of dates, times and locations where goods are displayed will be required with application.

· Under E29B entries all duty and tax applicable to the goods are placed on a bond and payable if the goods do not export in applicable time frames.

Giveaways or consumables

· Products that will be distributed, given away or consumed by patrons at the event require a formal entry (B3) into Canada. In order to duty pay the above, Commercial Information is required.

· Shipping these consumable items: place in a separate box and list per above documentation requirement. Separation provides easy identification for splitting between E29B and B3. Additional charges can be applicable when this is not done.

· Contact import agent in advance to ensure account set up and shipment detail is complete; avoid Customs release delays. Formal entries require power of attorney and importation registration ID Number with CBSA based on values over 1600.00 CAD.

Exportation E29B

· All product which were entered into Canada under an E29B must exported under control and be cancelled prior to export. Trade shows are normally open for one month but can be extended to a max of six months if requested.

· E29Bs are controlled items while in Canada, disposal or sale of product is prohibited without Customs authorization. Contact E29B holder/Broker/shipping agent to obtain the necessary approval.

· Exporting controlled goods back to the country should be done by the E29B holder / broker /or shipping agent to ensure proper cancellation.

· Exportation documentation - see documentation requirements for applicable fields and information - Notion of goods returned after display or trade show.

· Failure to cancel E29B in time frames and prior to export can result in penalties from Canada Customs CBSA.

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