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Set up a purchase order and we can arrange to pick up, customs clear and deliver to your door with minimum interaction. Electronic Billing and could also provide Electronic Filing.

Freight delays?   

Think Ahead - Rate your database for export and import with HS Tariff to the full 10th Digit.   In 2012 tariff information was required for submission to Customs both for export and import where movement of goods will not be allowed entry until authorized from Customs back to the carrier - this is an established practice set up for the PARS (Canadian) / PAPS (USA) systems with couriers and carriers who have the ability to obtain EDI connections with CBSA and US Treasury. 

Although not a new practice, the Customs Broker time restrains to complete the EDI entry in “one step ” and multiple commodity line clients may be subject to increased fees to accommodate the volume of up front urgent work and brokers shorter accounting times at the back end of the customs entry clearance. (Currently 5 days being reviewed to shorten K84 time frames to 3 days - based on 999 invoice lines and less)  This creates an atmosphere of “what are you receiving” not the relaxed “what have you received”, while goods are being held up at the airport or borders - subject to storage and wait times creating additional costs and delays.   Many importers have been subject to movement in bond fees due to this lack of up front information. 

Setting up your data base / purchases with HS Tariff can reduce the possibility of AMPS.  Sharing this information with your Canadian Customs broker (at the time of purchase) can show a cost savings for corrections during verification,  valuation and customs broker payment with self audit as required under AMPS.

This may seem like a large project however even as you start with the current work and move to historical data of a repetitive nature the pressures of every day work gives you more time for other duties and services to your clients.


Rate your data base by SKU or MFG ID# - do it at the CAD level and have your HS# displayed on Sales Orders for your foreign clients to view before shipping from Canada. Knowing your product HS when your manufacturing can give you the knowledge of duty rates when costing your items.  Validating the NAFTA requirement at this level can assist in compliance with AMPS  HS Tariff accuracy is the responsibility the Canadian Exporter.  Incomplete or incorrect NAFTAs can open Canadian companies to international fines and audits. 

When shipping internationally USA's Goods from Canada / over 2000.00 CAD total value - a B13 is required.   Ensure review of Export Permit requirements.  On your B13a; when no permit is required, you are required to mark "GEP 12"(General Export Permit) in the permit field of the B13a representing the USA Goods.  This is an AMPS Penalty when omitted.  More Info B13 exceptions can be found in Industry Links page.

RHB Logistics works to this level of compliance with all departments of your company to streamline your system and work on your cost savings / avoidance practices.